Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Al-Shabaab Opting Proxy Wars in Kenya

Kenya internal security experts have fallen to the Al-Shabaab Trap by venturing into a security operation that will end up stoking ethno-religious problems in the area.

A massive intelligence officers operation has been launched in the North Eastern area of Kenya.

In Garissa alone, 80 people of origin X have been arrested

NSIS, GSU, Kenya police have swarmed the area to increase the hunt for Al-Shabaab operatives with most suspects being people from Somali origin suspected to be part of the proscribed militant outfit.

The end result will be religious animosity

Islamic faith followers will feel threatened and insulted since most of those arrested belong to their faith and are innocent.

Regardless of the local Somali citizens and elders hope for tolerance and objectiveness, this will not be taken well by the larger section of the population.

They will feel victimized and isolated for no apparent reason.

Al-Shabaab will take credit for misleading the Kenya Intelligence service and the police to launch a war against non-Christians.

They can easily radicalize youths through such a proxy reason and fan religious problems

Terror cells are operated by a tiny number of operatives who use SIGNIT or signal intelligence to communicate.

Garissa cannot have a terror cell with 80-operatives which is equal to 4-platoons of troops.

The objective of the attackers was to use a proxy war to fan ethno-religious animosity.

Solution was to launch a covert operation away from the eys of the public and media using sleeper agents who would close in on the suspects, then spirit them out of their hideouts.

Kenya internal security system and intelligence have fallen to the trap hook, line and sinker.

Intelligence News Warns of Al-Shabaab Attacks in East Africa

Al-Shabaab have confirmed Strategic Intelligence earlier reports that it plans to launch a terror attack in Kenya and Somalia. The Al-Qaeda affiliate has issued terror warning through their sympathizer resources. East African Countries must be prepared for these threats. Every country that has sent its army to Somalia is a target of these terrorist plot. There is a huge possibility of game change in the terrorists plans with a different country such as Burundi, Ethiopia, or Djibouti suffering a major terrorist attack. The threats could be launched anytime since we have not clarified the time frames they intend to use in these attacks. Strategic Intelligence accessed messages of threats to national security. Al-Shabaab has informed that it will launch two attacks • Operation Al-fath • Operation Khalid Ibn Walid

Al-Shabaab denies Garissa attack

The Al-Qaeda linked Somali terrorist group Al-Shabaab has denied responsibility of the Garissa church attack

Intelligence shows, the attack was condemned by Al-Qaeda which supports the group.

Muslim teachings does not support killing of people in churches, let alone shed innocent blood.

Intelligence also shows Somali based Al-Shabaab leaders were not informed of the operation and were angry.

Al-Shabaab is tactically denying responsibility to avoid backlash and loss of Muslim faith support in their cause.

US Lifts Kenya Travel Advisory

The United States of America has lifted a travel ban/warning it had issued to its citizens against the Kenyan resort town of Mombasa besides other strategic locations such as Nairobi.

The lifting of the ban is a very strategic move to restore trust in the Kenya security system and capacity.

The lifting of the travel advisory also reposes confidence in the Kenya police anti-terror unit which is tasked with identifying and neutralizing terrorist threats.

The country expects to recover from a slump in its economic growth through a healthy tourism industry which is the second greatest contributor to the national economy.

Possible Terror Targets From Al-Shabaab’s Tukar’s Perspective

Through diagrammatic analysis of the connections between deaths, British citizens serving Al-Shabaab, assassinations of key figures, and recent terrorist activities, we construct a matrix that verifies Sheikh Hassan Mohamud Takar is heading the special operations of the Al-Shabaab. Firstly, we pin-point the relevance of commonplace scenario in society that people who return from foreign countries are looked at as senior and worthy listening and leading community causes. The Shabaab has accorded Sheikh Hassan Mohamud Takar such favor. Two, Sheikh Hassan Mohamud Takar brother is an imam in Britain and Takar used this connection to proselytize and radicalize British Al-Shabaab sympathizers who include: Samantha Lewthwaite aka Natalie Faye Webb, Jermaine Grant, 29-year-old, from Newham, east London arrested alongside 3-others (Warda Breik Islam, Fouad Abubakar Manswab, and Frank Ngala). Britain considers Al-Shabaab a security threat, due to the presence of British nationals amongst its rank and fold including Sheikh Hassan Mohamud Takar. There are slightly over 50 Britons working in the Al-Shabaab rank and fold (British Intelligence Services). According to Strategic Intelligence News, family friends or friends who have already gone to the conflict zone such as Hassan Mohamud Takar have connected most Al-Shabaab terrorists of foreign origin operating in Somalia and Kenya to terrorist activities.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Terror Alert on Kenya

Terror Alert

Intelligence gathered and analyzed point to a possibility of an attack on heads of Kenya internal security system/Institution.

Events such as gunning down of security officials in areas where these militants operate signal a shift in ideology of targets.

Playing down of their capacity besides degrading the impact of their achievements by security chiefs will factor possibility ratio.

The psychology of terror capacitance is retaliatory actions targeted at aggressors leadership or areas of influence.

This report is generated after a comprehensive gathering of relevant information, critical analysis of the information/intelligence, fixing parts of the terrorist operations matrix to a complete threat matrix,(dependent on previous IMINT and OSINT intel sources) hence a pattern projecting possibility of similar actions in Kenya.

Possible Human targets would be top police official and administrators.
Possible target areas would be Wajir, Garissa, Mombasa, Nairobi.
Other areas with geography that favors speed and safe escape of a small unit are also targets.
Level of threat is medium

Monday, July 2, 2012

Report on Boko-Haram and Yemeni-Al-Qaeda in Al-Shabaab Ranks

Strategic Intelligence News (

Al-Shabaab Gets Yemeni Al-Qaeda and Boko-Haram Help

June 14 | Posted by David Goldman | Intelligence News, Military Intelligence
Al-Shabaab has bolstered its capacity by bringing in Boko-Haram bomb making experts and commando trainers to up its degraded capability in both guerrilla and bombing operations.
Al-Shabaab has also enlisted the help of Yemeni-Al-Qaeda operatives to provide training on IED’s and suicide missions.
Intelligence reports confirm that the militants are getting too much ground to regroup and plan counter measures in South, Middle, and Eastern Somalia.
Strategic Intelligence warns that there will be increased attacks on military personnel operating in Somalia as newly recruited and daring Al-Shabaab recruits and militancy graduates engage in these special operations.
Al-Shabaab will resurge in the coming weeks and months in a spirited attempt to preempt the peace efforts by AMISOM.
Kenya Defense Forces (KDF), will face a series of hit and runs-guerrilla attacks by units of Al-Shabaab guerillas. These guerrillas will use sniper fire, and bombings to inflict causality on the troops.
Al-Shabaab got a boost when at least 20 experts from different countries including Yemeni and Nigeria came to offer support.
Training and recruiting new troops is primary at this stage when the militant group is nearly defeated. They want more troops to deploy.
There has been a decline in their bombings in Mogadishu and other areas. This is due to lack of capacity in these departments and they are outsourcing.
Boko Haram are very good in bombings. They have wreaked havoc in Nigeria in the recent past and their success rate is very credible.
Yemeni Al-Qaeda is very successful in commando attacks, suicide bombings, and hit and runs. They will share this expertise with Al-Shabaab.
The training and deployment is a rapid program to facilitate faster procurement of desired results in both Somalia and Kenya.
Kenya and Somalia will be targets with Somalia being a good target for suicide bombers and guerrillas and Kenya a target of Suicide bombers and a major terrorist attack.